Susannah Hillard is a high spirited dancer who has been training and bee-bopping around since she discovered the thrill of applause at a young age. Growing up in Ohio, Susie was in a competitive dance group and also performed as the lead dancer for a klezmer band called "The Yiddish Cup!" Susie's love for performing led her to Hollywood where she has now established a solid career as a professional dancer and actress. Casting directors always praise her for her exuberant energy and in the past six months she's booked leading dance roles in several national commercials. As a huge fan of kids, she teaches dance classes and takes up opportunities to baby-sit just to sneak in quality time with kids! Susannah says, "This is a dream job because I get to dance with all kinds of people and make them smile and laugh until my legs give out. I make sure everybody has a blast!"

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Susannah Hillard